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LinkDyn provides cutting-edge robots that enable new human-robot interaction in VR applications with realistic force feedback, robotic rehabilitation with seamless assistance, and more. The VR Haptic Robot can drastically improve VR training efficacy by allowing users to feel virtual objects and environment like those in the real world. Tunnelware Cologne, Germany.

DigitalTwin Technology founded in Cologne, Germany aiming to create digital twins of civil infrastructure. Tunnelware is a product that provides digital twin of construction site and Tunnel Boring Machine in order to monitor and manage the construction process in real-time on 5D platform virtually for safer and productive environment. From home plan discovery to designing and creating a new home, myHouseby is revolutionizing the new home construction marketplace.


Screen Door Laboratories augments team capabilities with real-time mission-critical information. Using virtual reality technology, Verapy enhances patient experiences through fun exercise games — reimagining the way therapists engage with their patients. Bext develops technologies that leverage blockchain, artificial intelligence and IoT, to: streamline critical supply chains in emerging economies, provide a traceable fingerprint for commodities from producer to consumer, and enable organizations to track sustainability and CSR policies and progress.

Eggschain exists to preserve hope of life and peace of mind in the fertility industry and beyond. Leveraging the blockchain, we enable consumers to track their frozen eggs, embryos, sperm and genetic materials. We deliver the above by providing immutable records of ownership information and estate plans. Knowbella Tech Cincinnati, OH.

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Knowbella Tech is an open science collaboration company that uses blockchain to deliver free tools, services, intellectual property, and equipment to researchers, particularly the underserved. Those researchers who collaborate within the Platform will be awarded AnthroCoin cryptocurrency.

The Company will initially generate revenues by matchmaking scientists with employers who pay to access the scientists looking for employment. SteamChain is unlike any other Industrial IoT company in the market today. We enable new business models that bring purpose to clients IIoT investments by connecting financial transactions to machinery performance.

Bioverse is changing the way our society values the natural ecosystem and biodiversity by creating an entirely new economy that leverages biological and genetic diversity.


Using blockchain to secure access and ownership of digital genomics and associated IP, Bioverse is creating a mechanism to ensure that investments in biological and genetic discoveries are generating capital gains to indigenous communities, local government, and ecosystem restoration initiatives. Lucidity Los Angeles, CA. We provide the transparency brands need to buy media with confidence.

NuID is a pioneer in trustless authentication and decentralized digital identity.

Nat N Alex Greatest Prize

The NuID platform leverages zero knowledge cryptography and blockchain technology to eliminate the need for businesses to store passwords. Based on Pilosa, Molecula is a computational analysis engine that enables scientists and engineers to focus on the fundamental research needed to solve complex problems without the expensive and difficult data management usually required. Molecula is shifting the focus to extracting knowledge and intelligence from information.

Novo is bringing small business banking into the modern age with easy-to-use tools for founders on the go. TransferFi Singapore, Singapore.

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It will be used to power IoT sensor networks to high-power applications that will provide easy access to primary sources of energy. TFi is revolutionizing the way we access power. Inflect San Francisco, CA. Research global networks, cloud regions, and interconnected data centers in one place. No matter what you read, get the context you need to understand it with ease. Fantag is the easiest, fastest way for teams, schools, broadcasters and streamers to manage video — for hassle-free sharing of highlights.

Using patented cloud video synchronization technology and an app, Fantag automates delivery of personalized highlights and transforms the fan experience. We create a world where no moment is ever lost. Horizon makes blockchain-powered video games for dreamers, futurists, and digital citizens. Stroly is an online platform for illustrated maps linked with geolocation technology.

Our service also provides user behavior feedback for data-driven marketing. Ibble helps people build financial confidence by unlocking investment knowledge. With curated news, daily interactive live-streams and weekly trading competitions, we make investing accessible for everyone. Immersive Systems is delivering a media platform to power the next generation of fan engagement and revenue growth in competitive esports.

The platform seamlessly integrates all the stats, highlights, images and content that fans want and delivers it in a beautiful, interactive app. Vidgo is a prepaid streaming service that targets the unbanked. Vidgo has developed a disruptive pre-payment ecosystem for television to accept cash paying customers. Boost Biomes is using the powerful social networks among microbes to provide novel, sustainable solutions to feed and heal people everywhere. Our first products seek to reduce the enormous waste in agricultural products due to crop loss to fungal pests in the field and post-harvest.

Kegg aims to disrupt fertility industry by cutting of the unnecessary costs, providing meaningful data to women through fertility hardware and access to remote fertility specialists. This will make fertility care affordable to millions of women and provide the necessary data for the foundation of preventive healthcare. Zibrio: The balance company is dedicated to giving people an edge in their performance, and preventing unnecessary deaths, injuries and costs from falls through a connected smart-scale that measures balance and identifies fall risk.

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  8. Falls are not a normal part of aging, and we give you the health span you crave. Our vision is to see a world where drug companies are owned by millions of spare change investors committed to a cure. Rhaeos Chicago, IL. Rhaeos is a noninvasive wearable flow sensor designed by Northwestern University materials scientists and neurosurgeons for the care of patients with hydrocephalus. We slash time and cost by turning construction into assembly, activating a new workforce to assemble our flexible system that results in high quality, zero emission, homes.

    With ObjectBox, companies develop decentralized products independent from the cloud, that perform in real-time. TwentyTables Washington, DC. TwentyTables re-imagines the relationship between patrons, restaurants and the food insecure. Our multi-sided marketplace offers consumers affordable fixed-cost meals, and increases vendor efficiencies, while also helping feed the hungry.

    FilmFreeway Promo Code Now Available For Film Festival Submissions

    Fieldcraft is a sourcing platform harnessing better data so buyers can simplify ingredient discovery and leverage plant-based and clean label solutions for the next generation of food and beverage. RocketDollar Austin, TX. We make it easy for people to take checkbook control of their retirement savings and invest in anything allowed by the IRS, with no penalties.

    EnrichHER Funding is fueling the growth of women-led businesses by enabling women founders to secure capital in an affordable and non-dilutive way. Similar to Kiva, we provide investors with an opportunity to lend to small businesses.

    MySideKick is a complete web-based application that addresses all the issues of sexual violence, with a mobile interface to help better engage college students. We discovered 4 reasons why sexual violence is not properly being addressed on college campuses and created 7 powerful components to address and remedy these issues. At New Age Meats, we make meat from animal cells instead of animal slaughter. We can craft meat to be tastier, healthier, and more sustainable than any other meat.

    VOLO Group is transforming career development to help people build happier, more fulfilling careers. Their Career Volunteering platform offers a differentiated approach to professional development that addresses skill-building through volunteering; offering hands-on opportunities to learn and grow, while making a positive impact in the local community.

    Tris started as a search and chat extension for google, talk to others searching the same thing, now we are a social browser in play store and App Store. Bisecu, which allows bicycle users to forget the presence of the lock and enjoy the bike riding experience fully. Bisecu is not only a completely new type of lock but also the lightest smart bike lock. Furthermore, Bisecu acts as a smart cycling device that analyzes users riding data. The FCFL is reimagining sports for the digital age: taking the passion of live sport, the competition of fantasy sports, the engagement of video games, and the global reach of esports and combining them into a fan-controlled, live sport, streamed on Twitch and built for the next generation of fan.

    Learn2Play is an international eSports EdTech company offering gamers a platform to improve their skills. The platforms also counts with video lessons and its own tournaments. Mobalytics is the first personal performance analytics platform and gaming assistant for gamers. The platform measures player performance, helps them define their strengths and weaknesses and provides personalized advice on how to improve.

    You can think of it as an AI coach for gamers. Uru Sports is an online sports recruitment platform connecting players, coaches and teams. LarryPlurb July 22, at pm. Archiebap July 22, at pm. AlvinjOm July 22, at pm. MichaelGrons July 22, at pm. DennisJeala July 22, at pm. MichaelGrons July 23, at am.